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Would You Go Makeup Free for Your Wedding?


Imagine walking down the aisle on your wedding day and wearing absolutely no makeup.  That’s what Bisola Umoren did.  After this photo was posted of her on social media it quickly went viral with people asking ‘would you dare to do this?’   The Nigerian woman said that she isn’t the makeup type so she didn’t see any need to be uncomfortable and inconvenience herself by wearing makeup.  She further told the press that when her husband met her she was all natural and he loved what he saw, so why should she cover that up?

She was both applauded and condemned for her decision.  Would you dare to go makeup free on your wedding day?

naija bride

Going makeup free is something that many women are adopting into their lifestyle and seems is becoming a trend with the hashtage #NoMakeup or #MakeupFree.  Earlier this year singer/songwriter Alicia Keys made her pledge to remain makeup free and we have seen her walking the Red Carpet, making appearances and performing without any makeup.  For all those women who choose not to wear makeup, one thing that is certain is on their wedding day they usually decide to get a glam squad to make them look perfect for their special day.

She isn’t the first bride to choose to go makeup free on her big day, but it’s still surprising when a woman decides to do this.  Some may find it liberating because it allows you to be free and not worry about what you look like, while others may feel it won’t look good in pictures.  Whatever your choice, it’s best to do what makes you most comfortable and confidnent on your big day.



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