10 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

yellow jumpsuit
Emilia Wickstead jumpsuit.

I love jumpsuits.  Once you put one on, you’re good to go.  This versatile fashion item is great no matter what the season.  It also eliminates the effort of finding matching tops and bottoms. One piece and you’re done.  They have the ability to be worn in so many different ways depending on how you style them with accessories, shoes and hair. Here are 10 ways you can wear a jumpsuit this season….actually, any season.

Novis resort collection.
Novis resort collection.

1. A White Affair

Keep it fresh and crisp when you wear white.  A jumpsuit like this is not only elegant, but the crisp, fresh look of white looks great on everyone. If you’re in a more conservative environment adding a black blazer will tone it down and make it less stark. But for me, I would let this be a stand-alone and just complement it with the right accessories.

Image courtesy beauticurve.com
Image courtesy beauticurve.com

2. Cinched Waistline

The right silhouette can flatter all body types. Wear a style that skims the body and flares out into a wide straight leg for a combination of elegance and showing off your curves by emphasizing your waistline.

Melissa McCarthy in floral jumpsuit on the red carpet.
Melissa McCarthy in floral jumpsuit on the red carpet.

3. Flowers Galore

Get some flower power by choosing a pretty floral pattern. Whether you like large or small flower patterns, they both give a soft romantic feel to your jumpsuit.

Image courtesy PopSugar

4. Layers

Layer a long vest that is almost as long as your jumpsuit for a modern look.  Choose a colour that is much lighter if you want it to stand out. For a lean, cleaner line that can give you the appearance of looking slimmer and a little taller go monochromatic and wear the same colour.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Purdy' jumpsuit. (Image: Nordstrom)
Diane von Furstenberg ‘Purdy’ jumpsuit. (Image: Nordstrom)

5. Faux Wrap

A jumpsuit with the look of a wrap dress is flattering on everyone. Leave it to the queen of the wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg to have one that looks great on anyone. The Purdy jumpsuit is a great addition to your wardrobe.

citizens of humanity denim
Denim Annaika jumpsuit from Citizens of Humanity.

6. Do it in denim

There is something cool, casual and chic about wearing a denim jumpsuit.  If you want up dress it up, add accessories and a pair of heels. Cuff the hem to give it a little edge.  For a more relaxed feel, put on a pair of sneakers or canvas shoes like the classic Converse Chuck Taylor.

7. The Halter

The deep v-neck halter is a great option when you have an event to attend. Not always appropriate for most working environments, especially if the neckline is extremely low. In general, unless you work in the creative and entertainment industries your boss might think it’s too risqué for work. I’d recommend most leave this style for after hours or weekend affairs.

misguided cutout halter jumsuit
Missguided cutout halter jumsuit on polyvore.com

But you can choose a halter with a higher neckline for a more conservative office-appropriate look. If your office frowns on sleeveless clothing, topping it with a blazer or light cardigan while at work is your best bet. When it’s time to go for cocktails after work just take off jacket and change your accessories.

printed sleevelss jumpsuit
Kimmy sleeveless halter jumpsuit available at loft324.com



8. Skinny

For the bold and daring woman who wants to show off every curve in her body the skinny jumpsuit, sometimes called a catsuit, leaves no imagination to your figure.

Personally I think this looks best in black for how sleek it can look on most figures.

9. Comfort in Culottes

The warmer temperatures make way for other options like choosing lightweight fabrics or cropped lengths. For a more comfortable alternative the wider, cropped style of a culotte jumpsuit will have you looking fabulous for any occasion.

10. Double Breasted

This retro look has been going strong since the jumpsuits of the eighties. A double-breasted bodice gives your jumpsuit a professional upgrade. The lapel and button details give the look of a blazer without actually wearing one, especially if you wear the long-sleeved version. Pick the sleevless for a more relaxed option and comfort during the warmer seasons.


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