How a Ten-Year-Old Used Fashion to Beat Her Bullies

Designer Egypt Ufele poses with models after the runway show. (Image

This story is inspiring because it’s an example of how we can use negative experiences and turn them into a positive outcome.  Egypt Ufele, whose nickname is Ify, was bullied by children at school and has now created her own fashion line which was shown as part of an event that took place during New York Fashion Week last month.  She said that students at school would often tease her about her weight and she was even once stabbed with a pencil by someone.

Instead of retaliating in a negative way, Ify chose to use her talents to create a clothing line called ChubiiLine that includes clothing in plus sizes.  With the help and support if her mother and grandmother, she initially began sewing clothing for her dolls by hand then quickly worked her way up to creating clothing for real people using her grandmother’s sewing machine.  Her mother, Dr. Reba Perry, told NY1 news, “She comes out of school, goes straight into her homework, and when other kids are out playing, she’s either cutting patterns or she’s creating new ideas.”

egypt ify

Ify is very much inspired by the bold colours and textures of African fashions.  On her website she describes her label as “Bringing Africa to America; One design at a time.”  It’s certainly the right time for her with the rise of African inspired fashions globally now.  At such a young age, Ify, is well on her way to a successful career, not just in fashion but also as an advocate for those who experience bullying.  Referring to herself as an Anti-Bullying Activist on her Instagram page.  She is CEO to her clothing line ChubiiLine and her ant-bullying organization Bullychasers which focuses on spreading awareness around bullying.  She proves that if you put your mind to something and use your energy towards what you love to do, anything is possible.  Forget about the naysayers and focus on you and your talents!

Watch the video below of her featured on CTV.

For more from the designer check out her website at


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