Nordstrom Rack to Open in Toronto

nordstrom rack

Nordstrom Rack announced its first Canadian store will be opening Toronto in 2018.  This news is very exciting for people like me because Nordstrom Rack is the discounted store where the high end mercandise from it’s parent store, Nordstrom can often end up.  That means finding quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices anywhere from 30 – 70 percent off regular pricing. They have a wide selection of clothing, footwear, accessories and bath and body products. The stores often have additional markdowns on already reduced prices which is even more exciting for the savvy shopper.

I first discovered Nordstrom Rack in Troy, Michigan over a decade ago and it was pure heaven for myself mainly because of the selection in large sized ladies shoes.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I wear a size 12 and that can be a challenge when looking for stylish, on trend and comfortable shoes.  Every Nordstrom I’ve visited has always had a wide selection in the bigger sizes (for both men and women).  I hope that continues once they open the store in Toronto.  It will definitely be a destination for me and my larger sized feet ladies.

The store is set to open on the south east corner of Yonge and Bloor Street in the heart of a popular shopping district not too far from Yorkville.  It’s also not far from the Nordstrom store that will open at the Toronto Eaton Centre on September 16, 2016 just minutes away. “We’re excited to announce our first Nordstrom Rack in Canada in such a wonderful location and provide Canadian customers another way to shop their favourite Nordstrom brands at great prices,” said Karen McKibbin, president of Nordstrom Canada. “We want to be a part of compelling locations across the country and this is a great first step. We look forward to getting our doors open to serve customers in Toronto.”



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