Last minute Holiday Gift Guide


Yes, Christmas is just days away and that means there are plenty of people scrambling to find just the right gifts. It’s really challenging, especially if you’re on a limited budget (which is the case for most people).

Remember to keep it simple and for the most part, it’s really the thought that counts.  Here are a few simple suggestions that will work for almost anyone on your gift list.

Mobile Device Accessories

These days almost everyone has a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.  Some of the most important things we need to go along with them are sometimes the last things we buy.  Nearly every shopping mall has a store or kiosk selling great accessories for these items.
Find cool cases, stands, tripods, lenses, chargers and so much more.

One gift anyone would love is a portable charger. We’ve all seen people scrambling to find a plug when their phone is dying. In fact you probably want one too. This is one gift that will definitely get used and not end up in the ‘re-gifting’ pile.



The majority of women wear makeup, some more than others. You can pretty much be assured if you find a gift pack, sold at most cosmetics counters, she will truly appreciate it. There are even some great buys at places like Sephora or even your local drugstores. Target and WalMart also offer some gift packages in reasonable price ranges.


If you know what his or her favourite scent is, Christmas season is the perfect time to buy it. So many stores are selling gift sets. Some even have assorted packs with sample sizes in various fragrances. You don’t have to spend too much if you’re not able to. If you want to spend less avoid eau de parfum. Those are the most concentrated fragrances and tend to be at high prices points. Body spray, cologne and eau de toilette is usually more reasonably priced.

Smartphone Printer

Instax Fujifilm Smartphone printer is an awesome gift because it’s something anyone would use. You can print pictures  straight from your mobile phone. Of course Fujifilm isn’t the only company that makes them. You can find a wide selection of brands now making it easy to print straight from your phone.

The reality these days is that so many of us don’t print pictures anymore. We have relied on the digital images that are on our devices and simply share them with friends using social media. We forget how valuable it is to have hard copies of some of our most precious memories.

All too often there are those traumatic moments when a person breaks or loses their device. Has that happened to you? I have friends who no longer have photos of their children’s early years because they were on a lost mobile device. Because of these incidents a lot of people have gotten wise to backing up on clouds like Dropbox.

What about having a hard copy? There’s something about having a picture in your hand, framed or in a photo album that has a different nostalgia than just something on your phone or laptop.

Grocery Store Gift Cards

This one may seem odd to you, but everyone eats food right? What better way to show you care than by gifting someone with a gift card to their local grocer or supermarket. This is one gift that will definitely get some use out of it.


This one is free. It may seem like you’re being cheap if this is the gift you’re giving. Not everyone can afford to buy for everyone, but we all have the ability to give the people we love our time.

When we look back on Christmases gone by, rarely do we think about or even remember which gifts we received and from whom. What we do remember are those cherished memories of time spent with family and friends.

If you’re always ‘too busy’ to spend time with people, this could be the ultimate gift.

Happy holidays.


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