Fringe Factor

River Island Fall winter 2015 fringe ankle boot.
River Island Fall winter 2015 fringe ankle boot.

Whenever I see fringe, it reminds me of a cowgirl wearing a suede jacket with plenty of fringe on the shoulders, wrist and even the hem.  I even get the image of a lady in Texas dancing around the tumble-weed clicking her heels while her fringe just moves with her.  I don’t know why but that’s what comes to mind.  On the other spectrum, I also think of vintage flapper dresses worn by the glamorous women of the 1920s.

We all know that in fashion what’s old is often new again.  This season the fringe is back and it’s one of the popular details on purses and footwear.  It’s a look that can make or break your outfit.  If it’s too much you look like you’re trying too hard and it can be borderline tacky.  But when done right, it’s the perfect update to a drab wardrobe.

This season take a step in a new pair of boots while adding a little fringe to your life.  Make the fringe shoe your statement piece while keeping the rest of your look simple.  Avoid wearing a fringe bag, shoes, and other accessories all together at the same time.  It will just look like you’re trying way to hard to be noticed.  Choose one fringe piece and you’ll instantly have a modern update to your wardrobe.


Giuseppe Zanotti ringed bootie.
Giuseppe Zanotti ringed bootie.
Aquazzura Sasha fringe bootie.
Aquazzura Sasha fringe bootie.

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