Introducing Converse Chuck Taylor II

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It’s been nearly 100 years since the iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers were introduced; 1917 to be exact. The iconic style is a classic and its fans have remained loyal often purchasing many pairs in various colours. The brand, which is now owned by Nike, is finally ready to launch an update.

Introducing The Chuck Taylor II.

The new sneaker appears to be just like the original, but has quite a number of changes in its design. With a new perforated micro-lining and premium canvas upper, a fully embroidered All-Star patch and a padded tongue which provides comfort and is also non-slip. Perhaps the biggest change comes in the form of technology and improved construction.  One of the most common suggestions with the classic shoe is regarding comfort.  Those who wear Chuck Taylors have often said they’d love something with all-day comfort.  This is perhaps the big reason the brand implemented Nike’s Lunaron cushioning to this style. It certainly will meet the needs of those wanting more comfort while still maintaining the classic design.

Damion Silver, Converse’s footwear design director discussed how they moved in this direction based on researching their audience. “As we assessed our customer base, we were hearing a lot more about their active lifestyles and the things they’re doing in their day-to-day. We wanted to make sure we were engineering technology and comfort into this new style.”

Many Chuck Taylor fans are people of the “urban” set, artists, musicians, those always on the go. They don’t have your typical lifestyle. Despite their tendency to be of the creative mindset, the core customers of Chuck Taylor tend to love the classic design and don’t necessarily want to see big changes. The design updates are all pretty subtle. “Our customers say, ‘You can do things to the Chuck Taylor, but I don’t necessarily want to see it,’” Silver said.  As it goes, people still buy the basic Chuck Taylors, so they aren’t trying to jolt them with a drastic change.  “We’re just building on the icon,” Silver said.

David Allen, GM and VP of Converse North America said the new shoe will still “reflect the spirit” of the Chuck Taylor brand. “It still has all of the most recognizable exterior attributes of the Chuck, that’s important to the consumer. We’re just addressing the new needs of the consumer while staying true to this iconic sneaker.”

The new style will be available in stores on July 28 in four colours; black, white, red and blue. Suggested retail for the high-tops is $75 USD and the low are $70 USD.

It will be interesting to see how the market responds to the new style.


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