Styled Fashion App Launched on Apple App Store

Screenshots of Styled App (PRNewsFoto/Styled)
Screenshots of Styled App (PRNewsFoto/Styled)

Every morning so many men and women have trouble deciding what to wear.  I know I have had those days where I change so many times before stepping out of the house.  It would actually be quite comical if we could see a time-lapse video of ourselves going through this process of indecisiveness.  A new fashion app was just launched that promises to help you with this problem.  STYLED is an app that allows users to share pictures and get feedback right away.  How does it work? It uses crowd sourcing to get opinions from friends, followers and fashion experts around the world who are also using the app.  Photos are geo-tagged making the experience much easier. Users can actually vote between outfits using the “versus” option to help you choose based on seeing what most people prefer.

This app allows users to easily share where they got their clothing by tagging it with the brand or store.  Others users simply tap on the tag to see more items from that particular brand or shop.  They can even be directed to their website.  Robbie Stepak, Co-Founder of the app says they wanted to make fashion decision-making simple. “People have limited resources, be it time or money and want to know that what they are wearing is the right choice for them. STYLED allows people to make these decisions quickly and confidently in a fun and engaging way. Beyond that, users can discover new brands and trends through the app. On STYLED, fashion trends organically because of our “LIKE/PASS” abilities and user-generated content.”

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to test out the app because I own an Android based device.  The app is currently only available on Apple Devices with iOS 7.0 or higher.

For more detail about the app, go to for more info.


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