How to Be Authentic


Have you ever admired someone so much that you tried to emulate that person? She was so amazing at what she does that you thought the best way to become better is to copy her. Perhaps the way she did that special something impressed you so much that you tried hard to mimic her every move.

Oprah Winfrey often speaks about how much she admired Barbara Walters reporting the news. So much that Oprah thought copying her would be the way to success. But that proved to be wrong. Winfrey admits that it was once she became her authentic self that her life changed. (Click here to see video)

Authenticity is truth. And truth lasts.  When you learn to be your authentic self that’s when you will see your truth come forth. That’s when doors fly open.  People often spend too much energy trying to be like someone else.  Trying to become a replica of what they see as successful.  There is nothing wrong with being inspired or influenced by someone who did it right and was successful.  You can certainly learn so much from others.  But there is a danger when you simply copy and are not your true self.  That façade will eventually become exhausting.  Always trying to put on a ‘game face’ because you are not truly being yourself.

Remember to have no fear when being yourself.  That should be the easiest thing to do.

Be fearlessly authentic.


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