What’s Your Favourite Position?


I know this is old news, but every once in awhile, we women need to take control and let people know that we are more than our sexuality.  It seems that the women who are deemed attractive by larger society, like TV Personality Lauren Conrad, have to deal with this at an even greater level.  It was on a radio interview in 2012 when the actress and designer was answering random questions from her fans, that she read one question out loud that asked her, “What’s your favourite position?” Now this is a question that teeters on the line of being sexually suggestive.  She composed herself very well. Instead of falling into a ‘trap’ and answering with the expected ‘sex-position’ answer, she responded by saying, “CEO.” with a confident smile.

Click here to watch the video.  Lauren Conrad CEO

That was certainly an answer the radio host probably did not expect for her to say. But she did.  Now her words have become a symbol of power for many women and is often paraphrased like in the image above, which I found on Instagram the other day.

As a woman it’s up to you to take control of how you want to be seen. Remember your power in the words you choose and that the only person who has the ability to control how you are seen, is yourself.


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