Long-Lasting Lipstick: It’s Totally Possible With These Tricks

Great tips for making your lipstick last longer!


Long-lasting lipstick Imaxtree

There is nothing more embarrassing then wearing lipstick (you know, thinking you look like Taylor Swift) and then checking yourself out in the mirror and realizing that your look is WAY off. Somewhere in-between applying your favorite shade, having to brush your teeth immediately after, meeting your friends for brunch, and drinking 3 cups of coffee, your lipstick gave up on you. But wait a minute, what about that girl who’s lipstick never fades after she’s eaten a chicken Caesar wrap? Why does her lipstick stay on and you are just left reapplying and reapplying in order to get your version of long-lasting lipstick. We’re going to share with you some tips that will help you become one of those girls who’s product is always in place!

1.Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Would you ever start styling your hair without the proper prep first? The same goes for your…

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