The Genius Way to Pack Your Hat in a Suitcase—Without Squishing it

Now this is genius! There’s nothing worse than packing your hat only to have it totally squished in your luggage. I have stuffed mine with things before, but never took the time to lay it in the way this article shows it.


Congratulations: You made it through winter, and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. We bet your mind is already on that beach getaway you’ve got planned this weekend, so to help get you organized we’re spotlighting one very handy travel tip from one of our favorite DIY and lifestyle sites, A Pair and Spare. It’s all about the no-squish way to pack the one accessory every girl needs for a long weekend in the sun: A hat.

Keep reading for a quick and useful five-step guide to packing your hat in a suitcase—without it getting squished.

How to Pack a Hat without getting squished

Step one: Sort out exactly what you want to pack, and fold all your heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase. This should include shoes, bags, and denim. Try and stack everything evenly to create a flat surface.

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How to Pack a Hat

Step two: Take a…

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