Small Things Make Big Things


When working toward a goal we sometimes get impatient and forget that every small part of what we do is what makes up the big picture.  Think about the strength of a tree.  As it grows the trunk becomes wider and with each ring, it becomes more deeply rooted and stronger against the elements.  Also think about the human body.  Each tiny function works together with everything else in order for you to be healthy and strong every day. The appendix is about the size of baby finger, but if it malfunctions, it can poison your body.  The moment one little thing is off, that’s when we have a problem.

The little things are just as important as the obvious things we see.  Just think about a car.  It’s not just the wheels that make it move forward. Every part in the engine plays a role in making it move.  There could be a tiny part inside the engine that may seem insignificant until it fails.  That’s when you realize how critical that little piece actually is to the functionality of the entire vehicle.  The same goes with things we work on in our lives.  It may seem like the role you play in a project at your job is not going to be of benefit to the big picture.  You might think you’re not important, but the reality is without you it couldn’t be done as it is.  There is no CEO who can run a company without every single person who contributes.

When you look at your favourite sports teams, consider the fact that it’s not just the star player on the team who wins or loses a match.  It takes every individual who plays their own role in order to make a team who either win or lose.  Consider cooking food.  Sometimes having a slight change in an ingredient, changes the entire composition and the food could possibly taste better, or worse.

Everything that we do plays a role in the bigger picture. Remember that whenever you’re working on something.  Don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t seem to be happening right away.  It may take some time for it to all come together or perhaps you need to bring on some team members to contribute with all their skills in order to get the best job done.

All great things are small steps and small actions put together to make something great.


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