5 Interesting Valentine’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day there are so many gifts available that don’t usually require much thought.  It’s easy to pop by the flower shop and pick up a bouquet of roses because that’s tradition.  Even if you forget you can still run down to a store to pick up a bunch at the last minute.  Chocolates and candy are other great gift ideas that can come off as a little boring and appear like maybe you really didn’t put much thought into.

How about being a little creative this year and getting something that will have some real meaning and not only celebrate on that special day, but it will have lasting memories.  Whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend, here are some interesting suggestions to gift him or her on Valentine’s Day.

Flash drive heart available up to 64 GB on amazon.com.
SUNMME Flash drive heart available up to 64 GB on amazon.com.

What better way to show your love than to take a walk down memory lane?  You can do this by compiling some of your greatest and most memorable photos together through your relationship.  Save them all onto a flash drive and gift it, but not on just any plain flash drive.  Choose from a selection of different flash drive necklaces and key chains that represent your personality.  The necklace pictured here is not only a pretty keepsake, but will also guard all those memories when the heart locks over the drive.

This is a gift that won’t cost you a fortune, however the photos on there will be timeless memories that your loved one will always cherish.  It’s also a special gift knowing you took the time to sift through the hundreds of photos you may have on your mobile device, laptop or camera to find all the right pictures that capture the relationship you have with this person.


Personalized Jewellery

There are so many places now that offer the option of creating personlaized jewellery.  If you take a few moments and look at the Etsy website you’ll find a broad assortment of personalized items.  It’s also a great feeling knowing that you’re supporting an artist who probably made this piece by hand. You should have enough time to order and receive the gift before Valentines Day.  It’s important to always ask what the delivery time especially for online delivery.  Considering it’s less than a week away, you should expect to pay premium for express shipping.

Sterling silver handmade necklace.  Made to order and ships worldwide from Etsy.
Sterling silver handmade necklace. Made to order and ships worldwide from Etsy.

Gourmet Food

try the world

If you know your special someone loves food, why not get a gourmet sampler delivered to her door?

You can even set him or her up on a subscription to get food around the world delivered to their door using a really interesting website called Try The World.  If you don’t get a subscription you can simply order certain items on the website.

Leather Bag

Val Leather Satchel, Danier Leather $179.99
Val Leather Satchel, Danier Leather $179.99

A great gift for a man or a woman.  Choose a classic satchel for her style because not only is it classic, but also functional.  Bright colours like orange, blue or red complement the personality of a woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement. For the more conservative woman stick with neutrals like brown, black or gray.  She can get away with wearing it everywhere she goes and won’t feel like she’s drawing too much attention.

If you’re buying for a man, you can’t go wrong with a simple leather messenger bag.  It doubles as a great work bag and he can use it on casual days too.

Subscription Services

This is one gift you may have never thought of, but it’s actually something you know that person will use.  Especially if you know what interests him or her.  Buying a one year subscription for anything they’d appreciate is such an amazing and thoughtful gift.  It’s also inexpensive since most companies offer some interesting specials for new subscribers.

Get her all access to her favourite magazines or buy a pass that gives him access to his favourite boxing club.  Take a moment and be creative with this because You’re sure to find something that will be a perfect fit.


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