Marsala is Colour of The Year 2015

Marsala is the pick for 2015.

Every year, Pantone, the global colour experts, select which colour will be the theme that runs throughout our wardrobes and home decor for the year.  The rich, earthy-wine tone Marsala has been named colour of the year for 2015.  It’s an emotional concept of colour and speaks to people’s needs according to Pantone.  It’s a colour that is not only robust, but also quite intrinsic.  Its brown undertones give it that earthy feel, while it’s wine base allows its sophisticated nature to show through. There is always a reason behind the choice of a colour.  How did we go from last year’s Radiant Orchid to this year’s Marsala?  A lot of research goes into the selection that many people don’t realize.  The colour choice isn’t limited to clothing but is one that will be used throughout design and in the beauty industry.


Home decor will feature textures and colours that embody the new spicy colour.  Marsala easily adds an element of sophistication and balance into a room like no other.  Like a solid foundation that other colours can easily work around, we’ll see it in paints, accent rugs and other pieces of furniture.

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty, women will embrace the rich lipsticks, blushes and nail lacquer in Marsala.  This is largely because it’s a colour that complements so many skin tones and is quite versatile.  It pairs well with golds, blush and even smoky-neutral combinations.  It’s a colour that draws from the past, but brings us boldly into the future.

Click the link below to watch the interview with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute, as she discusses the new colour and how it works into our lives.

How will you incorporate Marsala this year?

CLICK HERE to watch video:

What will you choose to add a little Marsala into your wardrobe?
What will you choose to add a little Marsala into your wardrobe?

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