How to Stay Warm in the Bitter Cold

This was me trying to keep warm this week when temperatures have dipped well below freezing. Scarf and faux fur earmuffs, ALDO Accessories, Sunglasses Liz Claiborne, Hat, H&M.

The last few days have been brutally cold in most of the USA and Canada.  Temperatures have been at freezing or below and I have to say it’s been quite unbearable.   Keeping your sense of fashion can be a real challenge when your biggest priority is staying warm.  Here are a few tips to keeping the brisk cold at bay when you’re braving the cold.

Mukluks are great for keeping the cold out.

1. Wear Winter Boots

Investing in a pair of warm winter boots is your best bet when you know you’ve got some walking to do.  I’m not talking about walking from your car to the front door either.  If you know you’re spending a significant amount of time outdoors, it’s important to have a proper pair of winter boots.  Even if you are going short distances, boots not only keep you warm, but a good pair can also guard against the possibility of slipping on icy surfaces.

Quoddy boots available at J. Crew
Quoddy boots available at J. Crew

Some of the brands that have stood the test of time in quality and warmth include Sorel, UGG, Mukluks, and Columbia.  Of course there are hundreds of other brands out there so it’s important to take your time to find what best fits and works for you.  Keep in mind that Thinsulate, Primaloft and Shearling are some of the linings proven to keep your feet warm.  Consider how much time you spend in the cold when making your choice too.

Sorel Tofino boots in red.
Sorel Tofino boots in red.

2. Layers, Layers, Layers

It’s important to wear layers in order to keep your body temperature normal.  Doing simple things like wearing fitted t-shirts and tank tops under your clothing will help you stay warm.  Your best bet is to start wearing thermal underwear so that you don’t feel the harsh wind through your clothing.  They’re designed to keep you warm and trust me, you’ll be so thankful when those gusts of wind are blowing.

Modal Thermal Underwear.
Modal Thermal Underwear.  Layer these under your clothing for the added warmth you need this winter.

3. Thermal Socks

Wearing a good pair of socks will also do it’s part in keeping you warm.  Avoid those thin trouser socks because they won’t do you any good.  There are so many companies that make socks designed to keep your feet warm while shielding your toes from the extreme cold.  Some even promise to provide heat.  You’ll notice a wide range of prices depending on what the product delivers.  If you’re budget conscious a good old fashioned pair of wool socks will do the job too.

Final tips….

Don’t forget that you can still be stylish when you’re trying to stay warm.  There are plenty of coats that pack warmth and can be your staple style piece out in the cold.  Even if your coat has a hood, it’s highly recommended that you still wear a hat.  It’s crucial when trying to maintain your body heat.  Opt for earmuffs, like I have this year, to keep the ears from freezing.

Keep your neck warm with some of the most stylish neck warmers and infinity scarves out there.  With so many chunky knits to choose from you’ll have fun mixing and matching them with your wardrobe and coats.  There are also so many cozy, chunky knit sweaters that will be your saving grace when it’s bitter outside too.  It’s probably the best part of dealing with the weather.  Stylish sweaters and cardigans will always do the trick and keep you looking fabulous when you feel the winter chill.

Black beanie hat by ASOS, rabbit fur earmuffs by Moncler, black sheepskin trim mitts by Dlux. Le Specs Cat-eye sunglasses, Burberry Shearling trimmed quilted shell coat, Jarbo fingertip cardigan, Calvin Klein Anfield chunky knit tunic, White stuff Sorel straight leg jean, and Sorel Joan of Arc Knit & Leather boots. In Transit Skin Defence by This Works.





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