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nubian skin

If you’re a woman of colour, you’ve most certainly experienced going into a lingerie shop in search of the perfect nude bra only to be disappointed.  That’s because nude bras in the fashion world are usually only made for Caucasian skin tones.  That leaves those of us with shades of brown feeling left out. Well you’ll be happy to know that Nubian Skin is finally here.  A few weeks ago I wrote about this new line of lingerie and hosiery made for women of colour.  Nubian Skin is the brainchild of Ade Hassan.  She’s the woman behind the brand and told me, “Nubian Skin was essentially born out of frustration.  I wanted a product that I couldn’t find in shops, so I decided to create it.  I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt the same way, and the women I spoke to about the concept were incredibly enthusiastic.”  With an increased need to serve diverse consumers, it only makes sense a product like this was made.  I’ve personally experienced a lack of selection when lingerie shopping.  I have, on rare occasion, found a brown bra from other brands that become my nude, but for the most part I end up wearing black as my go-to nude because most companies don’t recognize the need for diversity.  With the launch of this brand it will certainly be an eye-opener for the other big players who have ignored this customer for far too long.

If you’ve followed Nubian Skin’s blog over the last few months you certainly know it’ been a journey for the company’s founder.  “I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to live my dream and that so many people have been so supportive,” Hassan told me, “I get a sense of fulfilment now from working on my own business, which I haven’t experienced in other jobs.”  This is the owner’s first foray into the fashion business, which proves you don’t have to come from a design background, but just have a great idea that fits a niche.  Based out of the UK, the company has already had a large number of pre-orders before the website finally launched October 2, 2014.  The good news is they ship globally.  So far most of the orders have come from the U.S.

How exciting to see that a brand new company that specializes in brown skin tones is here. Visit the website to match your shade and finally find your own nude.



Photo courtesy
A range of product in shades of brown.  Photo courtesy


nubian skin shoot


Cinnamon Buns is the colour for medium dark skin tones.
Cinnamon Buns is the colour for medium dark skin tones.

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