LIFE | Perspective

Rediscover your normal route by peering at the sky like a tourist. It’s amazing what you really see when you change your perspective.

Ever notice how looking at something through a pair of glasses or sunglasses can change the perspective of something?  Not only in colour, but sometimes even just a slight change in the size of what you’re seeing.  There is also the idea of changing our perspective when looking at the world around us.  If you live in a big metropolitan city like New York, Toronto, London or Paris, it’s easy to be caught up in your life and just have tunnel vision when you walk the streets.  Many people choose to avoid any eye contact and even not taking a moment to notice the things around them.  This not only applies in big cities but almost anywhere.   (It’s just obvious in places where tourists are running around the streets every day.)

I challenge you today to change your perspective of the city you live in.  Stop and look at things in a new way.  Be like a tourist seeing things for the first time.  You’d be surprised at how much you realize you’ve been missing because you’ve had tunnel vision.  Travelling through areas you normally don’t can also give you a new sense of perspective of your city or town.  Even the slightest moment to stop and read a sign, look at a flower or go into a store you’ve never been inside of.  There is so  much discovery in that.  Trust me, it’s what I’ve tried over the last few weeks.  I’ve been walking and really stopping and seeing things around me in a different way.  Through the process of discovery I found a food market I didn’t know existed, a women’s artist group, a pop-up art exhibit and even a coffee shop that makes a drink I’ve never had before.  You never know what you’ll discover when you change your perspective.

Today, open your eyes and see something new.


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