See Differently


Sometimes when we don’t make the effort to allow our minds to see things in a different way, we remain stuck.  The only way to move forward and create change is to open our eyes and look at things in a different way.  Think about all the innovators who were able to progress or make change in the world by simply looking at things with a new perspective.


Challenge yourself with at least one idea today.  Write it down.  Think about how you can execute it.  Make plans to achieve whatever this idea is.  Some of the biggest innovations of mankind come from the simplest of thoughts and ideas.  Develop a child-like mind where exploration, creativity and the ability to see what others cannot is your guide.

When you allow yourself to look at something in a new and exciting way, you will notice how your energy will change.  You become receptive to the unknown and challenge yourself to achieve what was once just a thought.  Others around you may disagree, or even think you’re out of your mind, but that’s okay.  The game-changers usually face much opposition.

Being your own thinker is perhaps one of the best ways to do things the way you were meant to.



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