STYLE | Beyoncé Wears Manfredonia Swimsuit


Beyonce Wears Manfredonia swimsuit and corset from the spring 2014 collection in her video for ‘No Angel’.

Beyoncé made headlines this weekend when she released an unexpected album.  There was no warning, no promotion and not even a hint she was ready to release new music.  The album was quietly released on iTunes as a visual album with 14 songs and 17 music videos.  It’s already shot to #1 on iTunes’ charts in the first couple of days.

Everyone has been wondering which designer made the white swimsuit she wears in the video and unfortunately there has been some confusion as to who the designer is of this hot item.  Contrary to popular belief, it was confirmed by Beyoncé’s people that she is in fact wearing  MANFREDONIA by US Designer Anthony Manfredonia.  The swimsuit comes from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  Bey wears the Yangtze swimsuit in white neoprene with the Tao Corset in white elastic and silk jersey.

MANFREDONIA is a New York-based label whose philosophy as quoted on the website is “European vision with American sensibility”.  The designer blends his Italian roots with his American sense of style.  He creates clothing with the understanding of custom, hand-made traditions and knows the lines in a woman’s figure.  Mixing textures and fabrics his work is innovative and modern.


To see more collections from Manfredonia click here:

For a preview of Beyonce’s ‘No Angel’ video click here:


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