PROSPER | PROSPEROUS LIVING – Dare to be Different


Being good at what you do is a testimony to how hard you work.  We have all seen that person at work who goes the extra mile. That person who continues to do things in a way that nobody else does.  This individual is usually the one whose presence is known because of the impact he/she has on what is being done.  When that person doesn’t make it to work the lack of presence is felt.

Do you want to be that person?  Then don’t be afraid to be different.  When you are the same as everyone else you will never be a standout.  Nobody will ever notice you when you are just like the rest.  I always say there is beauty in being different.  It’s not only beauty but it’s also the source of creativity and usually in the nature of successful people.

When you dare to be different from the rest, you will find others will gravitate towards you.  At work your ideas will be noticed and the work you do will be recognized.

So today on #WorkWednesday, don’t be afraid to be different.



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