I instantly wanted to share this image when I saw it the other day on Facebook.  Life really is an exam.  We live through so many tests that take us through so many situations. 

The comparison of taking our exams by copying someone else is so interesting.  Because the reality is many people do try copy others in life.  Similar to when you copy other people’s work in school you don’t really learn do you?  And the fact is we all face different tests, trials and scenarios.  No two lives are the same.  So why is it many people just copy?

Sometimes we are tempted to take the easy road and that is to copy others.  This is likely because of fear. Being afraid to go against the grain, afraid to make mistakes or being afraid to take the lead.  Understand that the best way to learn is to just take the test.

It is true, life really is the most difficult exam.  Every answer you give on yours will influence so many things and can alter not only your destiny, but also that of others.  Remember that whether you choose right or wrong answers they are yours to make.  Each will have its own lessons to learn.

What’s on your exam today?


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