What’s on your ‘to do’ list?  The best way to really see what you accomplish through the day is by creating a task list. 

As you complete each item and cross it off your list you will get the instant sense of accomplishment. With each item done you will gather more momentum because you can visually see how much you have finished through the day. Seeing it can make you feel good that you have completed a lot. It also allows you to feel less weighed down when you see that things are getting done.

One important thing to note is not to overwhelm your list either. If you put too many items then the exact reverse can happen. If the list is long and you haven’t finished most of it, you can easily get discouraged.

Keep the list to five items or less. Write them in order of importance or start the biggest task first.

If you want to be proactive, prepare a list at the end of your day to get ready for tomorrow. That way your mind is already preparing psychologically for the next things you need to do.


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