LIFE | Carry On

carry on


Many of us have felt like this orange in the picture above.  Like all our layers have been ripped apart.  Layers of who we are ripped off of us.  Once exposed our insides can be so sensitive and the pain of life can squeeze the juice out of us.

The first step to getting though any tough situation is to know that this is not the end.  Life always continues to move forward regardless of what we do.  If you allow whatever the situation is to keep you down, then that’s exactly where you will be.  Once you recognize that, the only viable option is to pick yourself up and just carry on with life.

I loved this image because even though the orange has been ripped apart, it still found a way to get up on its feet, pick up and carry on.

That’s life.  Today…choose to carry on, regardless of what’s happening.



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