Often times we allow ourselves to be surrounded by fear, negativity and pessimistic attitudes.  The way we think has a huge effect on how our lives manifest.  What we become has so much to do with how we think.  When our thoughts are immersed in negativity that is exactly what we attract.  Just think about when a negative thought comes to mind.  If you focus on it, doesn’t it seem like everything bad comes to fruition?

Today challenge yourself to have confidence in all that you do.  Confidence is a positive action and having positive thoughts that will lead to good things manifesting.  As a person who is confident, you will be taken seriously by others.  People have high levels of respect for people who exude an aura of confidence.  It shows you are sure of yourself and won’t waver in any decisions made.  It also gives you the power to command a level of authority that others are not able to.

Go confidently in all that you do.


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