All too often we are going and going and going.  Like the energizer bunny it’s like we just won’t stop.  In the effort to be our best, do our best and succeed we don’t seem to know how to give ourselves a break.  I recently travelled overseas for my job and just returned from a long journey.  I barely had time to rest.  With minimal sleep on the flight, time zone change and then working immediately the morning after I arrived, my body was at a breaking point.

I was driving home when the weather suddenly took a turn to a mixture of snow and ice rain.  The combination of bad weather and my exhaustion was a recipe for possible disaster.  I decided to take a break and ‘recharge’.  What did I do?  Well, I was falling asleep behind the wheel which is definitely NOT good.  So I exited off the highway and found a spot in a busy parking lot to just sit, rest and recharge.  I fell asleep.  My body really needed it.

This is an example of how we keep our schedules so busy we don’t stop to think about what we’re doing to our bodies.  In an ideal situation I should have had a day to recover from my long journey and rest to recoup for my day of work.

There comes a time when we have to listen to what our bodies tell us and just take a break.  Pray, meditate, rest.  It’s such an important part of keeping balance in our mind, body and spirit.

Pick a day this week….maybe even today to recharge your inner battery.


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