“Allow your discipline to be your distraction.” (from twitter)

All too often we allow ourselves to be distracted in life.  We may set goals but for whatever reason we become distracted and lose focus on what it is we’re trying to accomplish.  These days I have heard many people talk about social media being a distraction.  For example, Facebook is one of those websites making people guilty of being distracted.  Think about how many times you are in the middle of doing something; work, assignments, projects etc.  Have you ever stopped for no good reason just to check Facebook?  Even if there was no real need for you to do so at that time?

Many people have at one time or another.

Or perhaps you’re supposed to be working on a project and you decide to watch things on YouTube.

These are distractions.  Keeping you from accomplishing what you’ve set out to do.

When I read the above quote on twitter yesterday I loved it so much because it says to allow your discipline to distract you.  In other words, the only thing that should take your time, attention and energy should be your discipline.  Whatever it is you’ve set out to do should be all that keeps you from everything else.

So focus today on allowing the only thing distracting you be your discipline.



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