LIFE | Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.  That infamous day when women are hoping to have a special day with that special someone in their lives.  The reality is we shouldn’t wait for a certain day to share love.  We shouldn’t wait for a day to force us to buy or expect gifts from our significant others.

Every day should be a day to share love.  It’s a nice gesture when we get flowers, cards, chocolates, jewelry or even a fancy dinner.  But it’s even better when that special someone surprises us on days that are not expected.  Those are the times when we truly appreciate the unexpected.

How about we as women learning to also share our love in special ways to show that someone how much we care.  Personally I love to give gifts to that man I love.  Little notes, kind gestures or just something simple I may have heard him mention in a previous conversation.  Sometimes those are the best ways to show someone you care.  Not a date on the calendar telling us when we should do or buy something.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not raining on the parade of Valentine’s Day.  It’s fun to go out and do something special.

The origins of today are not even what most people think of when they celebrate on February 14th.  Most don’t even know the history of Valentine’s Day.  Did you realize that it was actually a very dark and quite violent celebration?  According to a story on NPR’s website its origins were in Ancient Rome and men would hit women with hides of animals. (Read more here)


If you choose to celebrate remember to include all those you love.  It’s a time when people who are single can be ‘singled out’ so to speak.  Let your single friends know they are loved too.  Maybe treat it like we did when we were children in school.  We made cards for everyone in our class; remember that?


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