“Get yourself unstuck by taking the first step.” -Ivy Prosper

Have you ever found yourself on the way to a destination only to get stuck?  What did you do?  How did you respond?

Watch this video below:

What I found interesting about this video is how the people on the escalator were stuck yet they stayed exactly where they were.  They were upset, shouting and asking for help to get off the escalator.  When it seemed help had arrived that person did exactly the same thing.  This is a good description of how we treat our lives and our career isn’t it?  It’s easy to allow ourselves to be stuck and not act on the options of getting out of a situation.

In this video the people could have just walked.  Instead they wanted the automatic system to take them.  It’s like living life on auto-pilot. Today, make a conscious decision to take the first step.  If something happens that makes you feel like you’re stuck in a situation, don’t allow complacency, fear and the ‘auto-pilot’ mode to control you.  Take the first step.  Get unstuck.



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