Be Adaptable.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we keep doing the same thing and expect to get new results.  Think about it.  We live our lives on autopilot so much that it’s easy to forget how to adapt to change.  This is especially important when you’re in a role of leadership.

I remember working for a company where the President was not only the founder but she was also stuck in the time she started the company.  All the products she wanted to sell were outdated.  The majority of the merchandise did not represent the new modern customer.  Despite meetings where management and buyers discussed the need to inject new life into the assortment, the president resisted.

Needless to say the company eventually went bankrupt.

When we don’t allow ourselves to change, the world will change without you.

Take a good look at yourself and ask, “Is there something that I am doing that’s not working?  How can I adapt to make things change?”  Change is uncomfortable.  But sometimes that is exactly what you need to get to the next place in life.


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