STYLE | Iman’s Secret to Great Skin

Supermodel Iman has timeless beauty.
Supermodel Iman has timeless beauty.

Supermodel Iman is one of the most recognizable women in the fashion and beauty industry.  Throughout her career she has managed to maintain beautiful looking skin and is always radiant.

At the age of 57 she continues to defy the aging process with grace.  She recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and shared some of her secrets to looking so great.

She told Good Morning America that the number one beauty tip is to wear a moisturizer with and SPF.  Iman said the sun doesn’t discriminate.  Regardless of skin tone it’s important to protect your skin.  Her dermatologist recommends she wear an SPF 50.

She’s often asked by people what makes her skin look so good at her age.  She says, “It’s simple.  It’s religiously taking care of my skin….Like you brush your teeth twice a day, you really take care of your skin twice a day.”

She recommends cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating regularly.  The legendary beauty founded her own cosmetics company in 1994 when no others were providing beauty products for women of colour.  The collection also includes skin care which she suggests including in your beauty routine.


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