Zora Ball may only be seven years old but she’s already made history.  She has become the youngest person ever to develop a full video game app.  A student of Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School,  she is also an expert of the Bootstrap programming language.

Ball revealed her mobile app at the University of Pennsylvania’s Bodek Lounge at the Bootstrap Expo.  She created her app using Bootstrap and did so with ease.  A bootstrap refers to the process of starting a computer and it also has to do with the programs that initialize the operating system when your computer starts-up.  It involves instructions loaded to the computer and diagnostics (simple explanation).

She may be a very young woman but I thought she was truly and inspiration to young girls everywhere.  Whatever you set your mind to it can be achieved.  I’m looking forward to what’s in store for this amazing young lady.

She’s well on her way to becoming one of tomorrow’s brightest stars in IT.

CLICK HERE to read the full story about Zora in the Pittsburgh Courier.

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