LIFE | Pick Up The Phone

phoneBBM, text, What’s App, Google Chat, Facebook and yes, email.  All the ways that modern technology has helped our global world become a united one.  We can connect with people around the world at any time day or night.  We can stay connected with people even for just brief updates.

But there are times in life when real human connection is necessary.  In friendships, relationships and family.  The art of picking up the phone to call someone has been lost.

I love connecting on the phone even if it’s for a few minutes.  Phone calls don’t have to be long but sometimes we desire speaking to the people we love and care about even for a few brief moments.  Life is about human connection and without it, life can be a very lonely experience.  Being or feeling alone is perhaps one of the worst feelings as a human being.  Why do you think solitary confinement is considered punishment even in jail?  Whether we are bad or good people, connection with other people is important.

I challenge you to pick up the phone and call someone today just to say hello.  Even if just for a brief few moments.  I once heard a Pastor say,

“We should treat people like they are dead.  It seems like that’s the one time we drop everything and pick up the phone to call people. But by that point it’s already too late to connect with the person who was lost….if we act like people are dead, maybe we’ll communicate more everyday.”

It sounds kind of harsh but isn’t it true?  We should learn to contact loved ones more often just to say hello.


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