STYLE | Ugly Christmas Sweaters

snow multi

It’s that time of year when those horrid sweaters come out of the woodwork.  the ones we previously only saw grandparents wearing.  But if they are so ugly then why do they keep resurfacing every single year?  People wear them and buy them.  These days people are even having ‘ugly Christmas sweater‘ parties.

Yes, the Christmas sweater is a tried, true and tested tradition during the holiday season.  Sweaters filled with holiday related designs, patterns and even some tacky or often gaudy embroidery.  But this is the time to pull them out and show them off.  Have fun, laugh and don’t even worry about what everyone thinks.  The key to sporting this look is not to care what you look like.

But if you must still look like a style maven, then I suggest keeping everything you wear with it simple.  Wear a pair of dark rinse denim, black skinny pants or leggings.  That way you can still look sleek even while you’re sporting the over the top sweater.

Most of all remember that these sweaters weren’t meant to be the latest in fashion trend.  Just have fun and hey, it’s the holiday season so just laugh and enjoy.

Happy Holidays.



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