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The questionnaire

If I had a dollar for all the times a woman says she has to have a man who is over 6 feet tall I’d have a fortune. Well, a small fortune.  The point is when women think about the checklist of what exactly they are looking for in a man it usually consists of physical attributes first.  That’s not to say men are not the same way.  But one thing is for sure, the majority of women, whether they are 5’1″ or 6’0″ say they want a tall man.

Personally I am a tall woman and I always find it amusing when very short women insist they must have a tall man.  They shouldn’t limit their options when they themselves are not very tall to begin with.  The average man in Canada is just over 5’8” and the average man in the United States is just over 5’10” tall and only 14.5% of American men are even over 6 feet tall.  If women were willing to flex on height requirements they would find a world of options available to them in the dating pool.

One important thing to remember is that looks don’t last.  When you’re together several years and serious decisions need to be made you won’t be relying on his height, six-pack abs or on his chiseled model looks.  Instead you’ll be looking to a man who can communicate and make important decisions.

Here are a few key things to look for when seeking a fulfilling romantic relationship.

1. Integrity

When a man has integrity you can trust that his reputation is one that you would be comfortable with.  Honesty and reliability are components of a man with integrity.  Those are qualities you want in a mate.  The last thing you need is a man who easily cheats and lies even to the people he says he cares about.

2. Ambition

A man with goals and ambition in life are important when it comes to building a future.  I often find some of the most interesting quotes on twitter.  I recently read a twitter post where a man said that women should look for a man with ambition because ‘swag’ won’t pay the bills.  That’s right, ‘swag’.  Women are often attracted to ‘the bad boy’ or a man who has that so-called ‘it factor’.  Usually it’s in the way he walks, carries himself and it often revolves around an image.

Ambition doesn’t necessarily mean he is going for the CEO position.  But you don’t want a man whose idea of ambition is hanging out on the corner doing nothing.  It can simply be a man who is doing the things necessary to reach the goals he has set.  He’s working, going to school or exploring his entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Spirit-life, Faith

No matter what your faith is this should be something you consider when finding your mate.  Often times different faiths can cause a lot of conflict between partners.  Especially if you’re a devout follower or believer in your chosen faith.  However, it is becoming more common for people of different faiths to connect and even get married.  These types of decisions are up to the individual.  But always consider the fact that bigger issues can arise once you have children.  The debate about which person’s faith should be chosen to raise the children can become a problem.  I know a woman who is now divorced partly because faith was a big issue in regards to raising their daughter.  He was Muslim and she was Christian.

4. Caring

A man who truly cares for a woman will be willing to do the things necessary to not only nurture but grow the relationship.  A man’s relationship with his mother is often a good way to judge the way he might treat the women in his life.  It’s not a guarantee but if a man is always rude to his mother what would he be like with you?

A man who treats you right should be top priority.


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