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Nicholas K Red Frame glasses from spring 2013 collection.
Nicholas K Red Frame glasses from spring 2013 collection.

Fashion has come a long way when it comes to glasses.  There used to be a time when wearing them was considered not to be so attractive.  But these days even people who don’t need glasses are buying non-prescription lenses in order to get some of the funky frames and styles in stores.

Diane von Furstenberg

Bold, bright colours and interesting shapes are popular with the fashion trend-setters.  The more quirky it seems, the better.  Retro-inspired glasses with cat eye frames, animal prints and interesting shapes are popular picks.  Mod inspired glasses with round frames, thick rims in colours like orange, white and gold are also very on trend.

Military influences in fashion have been around for a few seasons and glasses are not exempt from this trend.  Glasses that look like aviator goggles with gold, silver or black rims are quite popular again.  Even some of the retro and 80’s inspired looks have made a comeback.

The best tip for finding a frame that h suits your face is to just make sure you have plenty of time when you’re on the hunt for a new pair of glasses.  Try on several before you make your final decision.  These days you don’t have to feel restricted to one pair either.  There are so many great deals offered by stores that you can buy a few pairs to match your wardrobe or simply to go with the mood you’re in.

Google Glass partnered with Diane von Furstenburg for spring 2013.
Google Glass partnered with Diane von Furstenberg for spring 2013.

Perhaps the most interesting glasses this year were the ones created by Google known as Google Glass.  They were worn on the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s show in New York.  Although they are considered glasses they are really unconventional and perhaps the most high tech.  First of all they don’t have a real lens and rather it’s a glass that allows the individual to watch video footage through the small lens over the right eye.   You can walk around an nobody even knows you’re watching something entertaining, informative or maybe you’re just getting the weather.



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