LIFE | Keeping Friends Close

Some friendships last a lifetime.

When doing my speaking engagements for young people, one of the key points of focus I make is about the importance of keeping the people you care about close.  Your family and friends.  We can’t choose who our family is but we can certainly choose our friends.  Often time these relationships are forged at a young age.  I’ve met people who have had lasting friendships since they were children or teenagers.  Many friendships can last a lifetime.

But it’s important to understand that the length of time you’ve known someone is not what makes them a friend.  Real friends are people who are supportive of you in all times whether good or bad.  The are also the ones who are brutally honest with you when it’s needed.  Sometimes we have people around us who will ‘sugar-coat’ the truth.  What we need are people who can give us real honest answers and advice when we need it.

Friends will stand by your side even when others are falling away.


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