Let Your Passion Release You

When I first saw this video it really struck a chord with me because it touched on some of the things I often talk about when I speak to youth.  Sometimes our self-esteem and self-worth gets broken because of what is happening in our lives or what is happening around us. 


Life is full of so many challenges; family, friends, school and work. One of the most difficult things do deal with is feeling alone and being different.

In this life we will never be able to please everyone. Not everyone is going to like us and not everything will come easy. But when we learn to allow our passions and desires to fuel us it can be an instant release.

Think about something you love to do. Maybe you are good at it but somehow you could be better. Perhaps you are not that good but doing it brings you great joy.

Learning to release yourself through the passion you have for something is one of the most freeing experiences in life. I have advised young people to put their energy into the things they enjoy. For example if you are good at dance do it. Math do it. Science do it. Painting, do it. The more you put your positive energy into the things you love, the better you will be. Soon you will become a master and all who ridiculed you for it will take notice.


Passion is a great thing when the energy is used positively. Take a look at this video and how this young man fuels his energy in his passion.


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